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What We Want and What We Need in Our History

How Many Letters Did Civil War Soldiers Write?

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Where Have You Gone, David McCullough?

Farewell To a Great Historian and Teacher

Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery Likely to Be Removed

Youngkin Appointee Resigns from Board Over Lost Cause Comments

A Close Call That Eventually Came Calling

"Taking Ownership of the Civil War as Our War"

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Robert Gould Shaw, John Brown, and the Danger of Reading Back Into the Past

Remembering the Battle of the Crater

Finding the American Story Between 1619 and 1776

Interpreting Slavery at Arlington House

No, We Are Not Headed Toward Civil War

I Am Not An Activist

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The Face of History Education

Mixed Emotions in the U.S Capitol Building

The Limits of Reunion at the Dedication of the Lincoln Memorial

Interpreting the Confederate Memorial in Arlington

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What Your History Teacher Did This Summer

Spending Millions to Interpret the Lost Cause

Will the Real Sam Watkins Please Stand Up

The Latest Addition to Statuary Hall

Caught Between Two Extreme Views of American History

The Lost Cause Isn't Just About Slavery

The Importance of Empathy in Historical Studies

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Robert Gould Shaw's Last Fourth of July

Taking Confederate Lives Seriously

A Gettysburg Counterfactual That Matters

'The World the Slaves Made' in the Army of Northern Virginia

When Slavery Came to Gettysburg

Why Robert E. Lee Should Be Melted Down

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Why I Quit Twitter

Richmond's Valentine Museum Interprets Jefferson Davis Statue

A Civil War Monument Landscape That We Can All Embrace

A Juneteenth Reflection

'Confronting the Past Without Mercy'

Have We Abandoned the "Last Best Hope of Earth"?

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History at the Beach

We Are Not So Divided Over History Education

West Point's Robert E. Lee Problem

Rededicating the Shaw-54th Massachusetts Memorial for a New Generation

Reconstruction, Civil Rights, and a Warning From C. Vann Woodward

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I Am Still An Optimist

Massive Resistance Is Alive and Well in Shenandoah County, Virginia

We Can't Escape the Past

Do We Really Need a New Civil War Documentary? (Part 4)

Teach American History as if Democracy Itself Were at Stake

Writing on Substack: Future Plans

Should You Watch Ken Burns's Civil War Documentary? (Part 3)

Conan O'Brien and Bob Odenkirk Have Some Fun With Civil War Reenacting

The Speech That Alexander Stephens Wanted to be Remembered For

Dylann Roof Would Approve

Should You Watch Ken Burns's Civil War Documentary? (Part 2)

Stonewall or No Stonewall?

Should You Watch Ken Burns's Civil War Documentary? (Part 1)

A Moment in the Life of a Civil War Soldier

Too Many Emails?

The Confederacy Confronts Its Worst Nightmare

Sons of Confederate Veterans Celebrate White Supremacy at the Foot of Stone Mountain

Is There Evidence of Black Loyalty to the Confederacy?

When the Grand Army of the Republic Rejected Ulysses S. Grant

Five Books About Ulysses S. Grant That You Should Read

Commemorating, Without Celebrating, Ulysses S. Grant's 200th Birthday

Does Anyone Still Mourn Confederate Dead?

New to the Civil War Memory Library, 04/24

Livingston, Tennessee's Black Mayor is a Member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Open Thread Thursday

Meet the 2022 National Teacher of the Year

Black Mayor Declares April Confederate History Month

Key & Peele on the Lost Cause and Civil War Memory

Robert Gould Shaw, Emancipation, and the Contingency of War

What a Photograph Can Tell Us About Robert Gould Shaw and Slavery

Open Thread Thursday

Robert Gould Shaw and Comradeship in the Second Massachusetts Regiment

Mississippi Bans Critical Race Theory and Celebrates the Confederacy

The Best Books About Slavery and the Confederacy

Should Lincoln Have Let the South Go?

Imagining a Very Different Appomattox Surrender

The Crater Battlefield, the Power of Place, and Historical Memory

Open Thread Wednesday

The Lost Cause Narrative is a Discredited View. We Should Treat It as Such.

A Future in Which There are No Confederate Monuments is Closer Than You Think

The Liberation of Richmond: April 3, 1865 to April 3, 2022

How the 1619 Project is Being Used in the Classroom and Why it Matters

Transforming Stone Mountain: A Memorial to the Confederacy and White Supremacy

Historic Tours, Ethical Responsibility, and the Challenge of Memory

Open Thread Monday

About That Photograph of Mitch McConnell and the Confederate Flag

The "Cornerstone" of the Confederate Army Was Slavery

Are Ted Cruz's Children Being Indoctrinated With Critical Race Theory?

"Why Don't You Just Ignore Them?"

Would You Ask Students to Identify the "Positive Effects" of Slavery?

Open Thread Tuesday

The War Over History Education is a Manufactured Crisis

A Call to Support New History Books and Their Authors

A Mock Slave Auction and the Limits of History Education

Can a Plaque Honoring Confederate Dead Be Contextualized?

Open Thread Wednesday

Teachers are Not the Enemy

The Fate of Confederate Monuments

#WomenAlsoKnowHistory: Who Have You Read Recently?

Interpreting Confederate Slaves on the Gettysburg Battlefield

Measuring Freedom During Reconstruction

"We Need to Get Back To Some Happier Times in This County."

It's a Book Giveaway

Why We Should Teach Critical Race Theory

Is the History of Lynching in America a "Divisive Concept"?

An African-American Girl's View of Confederate Monuments

Teaching the Confederate Monuments Controversy

Reframing History For the People Who Need It the Most

Anna E. Dickinson on Col. Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts

David McCullough on the Confederate Flag in 1993

Standing Up For History Education

Confronting the Past Should Make Us Uncomfortable

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