Very good article. I had avoided reading the WaPo article, but you compelled me. Two highlights:

“Even in calling for the flag’s removal, though, Haley still did not criticize what it represented. Instead, she said that while some viewed the flag as a ‘symbol of respect,’ others saw it as a ‘deeply offensive symbol of a brutally oppressive past.” She said South Carolina could still be “home to both of those viewpoints. We do not need to declare a winner or loser here.’

“However, another Republican, state Sen. Paul Thurmond, son of the segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond, said in his floor speech that, ‘Our ancestors were literally fighting to continue to keep human beings as slaves and continue the unimaginable acts that occur when someone is held against their will. I am not proud of this heritage.’

“Very good people on both sides...” ugh. No wonder she became dt’s UN ambassador. And when even the son of Storm Thurmond gets it. SMDH

“But the years of delay angered those who had gotten nowhere with Haley on the flag issue until after the massacre.”

“Gallman, the former South Carolina NAACP president, said that if Haley had spoken up years earlier, she might have gotten the flag removed entirely from the State House grounds — and perhaps sent a message that reached people like Roof.”

I feel the anger, but I think Roof was on his path from birth.

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Thanks for this helpful info.

I understand all politicians' desire to offend as few constituents as possible, but Haley has proved more a weathervane than a politican. What she seems to stand for mostly staunchly is the politcal career of Nikki Haley.

Roof seems like a person who always needed someone else to blame for his life. With a few different factors, he might have been a murderous incel, rather than a murderous racist.

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Excellent article. You mention everything that I would if I wrote it. The irony is that had the Confederacy won she would never had the opportunity to be Governor, but because she is both mixed race and female, she would be lucky to be the night manager at a 7-11.



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Thank you.

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