Very thoughtful piece. I've only been to Gettysburg once and found all the monuments distracting as I tried to visualize the battle. It would be very interesting to go again and focus on the monuments and post-1863 history of the site.

Thanks for the photo of the newspaper; it's nice to know the US has progressed far enough that reputable news sources don't celebrate visits from the KKK and KKK officers aren't keen for the faces and names to be publicized.

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Whoa, the Klan gathered at Gettysburg? I had no idea. I've vlisited Gettysburg at least a dozen times, starting in childhood in the 1950s.

My dad was what was then called a "Civil War buff." We had relatives not far from Gettysburg and often went to the battlefield whole visiting them. As an adult, I took both my first and second husbands there, and last visited briefly 3 years ago at Thanksgiving. Every time we felt profoundly moved.

I've also read quite a bit about the battle. Never have I seen a thing about the Klan there. How depressing that the town newspaper welcomed them.

I look forward to seeing a monument or some acknowledgment of this event next time I visit.

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Well taught, as always. Will we have access to your essay about “interpreting slavery and race at Civil War battlefields” here on Substack?

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