Thank you for the commentary and updates. I love the nickname for Ding Dong Bell Hood. Likewise, your inclusion of the objections to the Arlington memorial was awesome. Can you imagine a Rainbow Stars and Bars or Confederate Battle Flag. That would be a hoot.

You provide a great service. I wrote about Robert Smalls this evening.



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It looks like General Cavazos is a fine choice. Certainly better than Hood, even discounting his Confederate loyalty.

I've not had personal experience with high school AP classes (they were not offered in the mid 1970s, at least not in my high school) but I can't say that my students who took AP classes were any better prepared for college-level classes.

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Great collection of information, as always. And Otis! That look seems to say, “Okay, just one pic for my fans, then I’m done...” Love him! :-D

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