This is excellent - thank you both! And thx to American Battlefield Trust for not only saving history but also the environment.

Garry, you’re so right about actually being in a place where history happened. From all my reading about Gettysburg, I knew that before the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge, the artillery barrage fell behind the lines and that at one point the infantry had to climb over/take down a fence. But I never understood how straight uphill that open field was until I stood at the Virginia monument and walked it by the fence. No wonder Longstreet couldn’t verbalize the order to advance.

Thx again - A+

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Here’s another opportunity to connect real Public History to interior discussions. Now that I spend most of my time with broader audiences, I have a clearer appreciation of where and how most people get their understanding of the past. One of the clear conclusions is that the ABT is, at best, contributing to the problem of understanding the Civil War. Navel-gazing aside, it’s “teaching” materials that “States’ Rights” is as important (because distinct from?) slavery as a cause of the Civil War makes it a right wing, anti-woke resource — and wrong. That’s where Public History is coming from. Please help stop it.

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Congratulations, Kevin. Kept forgetting to upgrade, finally did it! It's funny to remember when a discount rolls around. :)

Continued success. Cheers!

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