Can't wait to read the book, but even more excited to see pics of Otis. :)

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Otis is adorable🐾❤️

I love the new name, Grape & Canister.

The book for which you’re writing an article sounds intriguing. I’ll be watching for it.

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Jun 27, 2022Liked by Kevin M. Levin

Otis looks great. Hope you are keeping him cool. Big black dog and a hot summer don't mix well.

Glad to hear about your article - do give us the high sign when the book comes out.

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Congratulations on the essay for University of Nebraska Press - that’s should be an interesting and timely book.

Today’s front page of my hometown paper, the Culpeper Star-Telegram, reported on the commemoration of the Battle of Brandy Station. Some speakers were dressed as reenactors, and there was a Black pastor who spoke about Juneteenth. I’m wondering, do you think there will still be Civil War battle re-enactments in the future? And will we continue to celebrate battles, including rebel victories?

Thank you, and please thank Otis for supporting your work.

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1. Otis could become the star of your posts!

2. I saw your exchange with the author of the Watkins article in JCWE, so I used my University library access to get a copy and read it over the past couple of days. Georgia and I had a GREAT discussion about this on Friday night, I think. I think that was a very good article.

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